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Admin Birthday Month Promo

Started by marijoy 2020-08-01 at 14:55
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Hello, everyone!
Do you miss the old normal? Night life, social gatherings, unlimited travel and the like? We miss it, too!
But instead of worrying, let us take this opportunity to build our finances.
Earn more now with YouGetProfit`` back to back to back birthday promo.

Yes! Me and my fellow Admins will treat all of you with amazing cashback instant profit promo! It`s our birthday month, August!!

Deposit $10 plus, cashback 10% instant profit to your purchase balance.
Deposit $500 plus, cashback 20% instant profit to your purchase balance
Deposit $1000 plus, cashback 25% instant profit to your purchase balance
Deposit $2500 plus, cashback 30% instant profit to your purchase balance

Promo Period: August 1 to August 16
August 1 happy Birthday Technical Admin!
August 5 Happy Birthday Financial Admin!
August 16 , Happy Birthday to Me!

It is my 10th year birthday celebration on ZigmaNetwork!

Thank you!

Sincerely, Joy

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Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday to all and may you enjoy in healthy peace


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