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Started by onil007 2019-05-04 at 05:32
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The ad shares purchased hasn't increased any amount from day one. Can you explain as to why such thing is happening. I wouldn't have purchased it if such was the case and would have upgraded my account instead. Do reply instead of deleting the post.
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Quote: onil007
Do reply instead of deleting the post.

You are not active in clicking. To earn from shares and referrals. you should click at least 4 ads daily.

I have nothing to explain to you. You should explore the forum.
As a member, you are obliged to explore the Terms of Service and forum.

I have all the right to delete or edit your post in case your inquiry is false accusation and misleading.

There is corresponding penalty with it and it is strictly implemented!

You have been informed to avoid future misunderstanding.

Thank you for reading.

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