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Balance is decreasing instead of Increasing !!!!!

Started by alifarhan2010 2019-04-28 at 12:50
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YGP Lite
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Dear Admin since last 2-3 days i am facing a strange issue my balance is decreasing instead of increasing even it shows there are many clicks from my RR.

For instance yesterday my balance was $0.479300 Ref Com Level 1: $70.49900 and today balance is $0.472300 even Ref Com Level 1: $70.96600 and even there are today and yesterday RR click increased.
What is this ??? Is there any technical problem ???
Kindly solve this issue.
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mee too having this issue since 26/04/19

Please admin, loosing every day. Thanks
Customer Relation Officer
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Dear member,

I am happy to response.

Please do not forget to extend your referrals.
As our Terms of Service stated, there is a fee for letting rented referral expire.

Best Regards
Customer Service Representative.

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