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End of Year Sale

Started by rizabargah 2013-12-25 at 05:58
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In order to greet the year-end holiday season, YouGetProfit is giving away a promo discount and bonus.

YouGetProfit will give away point bonuses for every revenue share advertisement package purchase. Each package will earn 50 bonus points. This promo will start from December 25th, 2013 and end until January 3rd, 2014. So grab it fast and collect the point bonuses as much as possible, so you can get free membership upgrade using your bonus points.

And also YouGetProfit will give away a discount:
- 10% discount for all Membership Upgrade
- 20% discount for all Advertising*

And also YouGetProfit Special offer
- Upgrade your Membership for 2 years and get 1 year free**

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May your holiday will bring joy and happiness.

* Advertising package did not include revenue share package advertisement.
** This offer is valid for any membership purchase from December 25th, 2013 until January 3rd, 2014 only and not valid for membership converted by points. If you purchased 2 years of membership, please create support ticket to get the extra 1 year of your newly purchased membership
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Promo discount and bonus very nice admin

Merry Christmas Dec 25th and Happy New Year Jan 01th, 2014 for Admin dan all members YouGetProfit. God Bless You
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Great promo,thanks again! I will purchase for sure!
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Quote: cas36
Great promo,thanks again! I will purchase for sure!

On behalf of YGP team, Thanks for your interest.

The higher the memberships, the more adpacks you can buy.
You can avail higher memberships using Points for FREE!
Oh yes! Each Ad package will earn 50 bonus points.

That`s a very good way to start the New Year!
So, Money, money and more money in your account!!

have you realized that YGP provides advertising with profit for all members?
Spending on advertising with profit is a very smart way to promote your favorite site.

take advantage of this YEAR END sale ----
then Expect to welcome your New Year, 2014 for a sure profit every hour of the day on the First month of the year!

Thanks for your trust guys!

Happy New year!!!

See ya around!

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Promo Points and bonuses will finish January 3, 2014 , Grab it Fast


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