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Holiday Bonus and Promo!

Started by marijoy 2016-12-31 at 11:43
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Our Holiday Promo blowout with our Twickerz and YouGetProfit Members.
Our 6th New Years in Home based business!

for $10 - $499 deposits get 10% extra money in your purchase balance
for $500+ deposits get 15% extra money in your purchase balance.

Additional bonus, for every $500 deposits get 200 Rented Referrals for free!!

Send ticket as soon as you deposit.
Promo Period: Dec 31, 2016 - January 2, 2017

On Behalf of my Team Admins, wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings and earnings in the year to come 2017!

Thank you for your trust as always!

Sincerely, Twickerz and YougetProfit Management

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Question! dear admin, talking about december point racing contest. i took forth place there, but still did not receive the prize no post have seen about it.would you please tell me when i will get my prize???

thanks in advance.
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I just wanted to let you know ....just in case,,, that I'm still waiting for "10% extra" in my purchase balance.
I DID send ticket right after I deposited yesterday just as instructed, by the way.


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