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Started by poolnet 2018-11-29 at 21:29
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Hello admin

Turn on the AutoPay for a few percent discount?
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Hi poolnet,
here is the price table for autopay:

if you will multiply $.006 to 30 days, it is only $0.18
It has a few cents discounts.

You must have enough money in your Purchase Balance. - then enable your Autopay.
Autopay is extending your ACTIVE rented referrals only for 1 day.
Inactive RR will not be extended and you will not pay for it.
You should manually extend, but you should recyle to change that lazy RR.
Rent at your own risk, recycle if not active then extend.

Do not let your RR expires. You will pay expiration fee.

Promote your link to get direct referrals. It is still the best downlines.

I`ll see ya around.


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